A Great Time at the Headwaters Arts Festival

My family came to see my work at the Headwaters Arts Festival and my son-in-law took a couple of pictures of yours truly with my work. (He had placed these photos on his blog where I retrieved them for mine. Thank you Malcolm.)

Of the 5 entered, 4 sold. I was most pleased with my sales and with meeting a couple of the purchasers.

The diversity of styles and techniques, the scope of the work and the individual craftsmanship was excellent throughout the Festival and especially at the Art Show and Sale.

And the poster -without me.
Now I need to get to work on some new pieces. As I had said to a number of patrons, I produce only about 10 items in a series based upon a theme. Then I move on to the next theme. I have at least 3 themes rolling around and that does not include the furniture and boxes. We will see what this winter produces.


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