Good intentions...but life just got in the way...

Just when I was making a stab at the "to-do list" at home the cottage beckoned to be opened. However, before we could even do that, I was commandeered to build a shelving unit at my son and daughter-in-law's home. So my wife and I -and my son- built this eight foot high, five foot wide unit to house twelve baskets to hide -oops, store - whatever. Adjustable shelves finished it off. My son wanted time to determine trim and colour, so as of this moment the unit is unfinished.

After opening the cottage (and there were a few days spent cleaning, starting up the water, blah, blah, blah) my wife and I returned home to assist my son in rebuilding his daughter's outdoor play set that had blown down in the high winds that frequent this area.

Yet, somehow, through it all my wife was able to complete her punch needle scarab with a circle made of nacre attached. Me I can barely drag myself to a sofa to lie down.

So, as much as I have tried to blog life just got in the way.


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