We're Back!!

Well, 5 weeks of packing and two twenty-six foot trucks (which became 3 trucks) later we moved into our new abode.

Time was then spent unpacking and even buying more furniture. And unpacking and unpacking and unpacking!!

Snow gave way to spring rains and breezes. Now Mannie and I had to deal with the outside which had not been tended to for 3 years and had lain waiting under white blankets.

The driveway and front yard needed work. (click on the images to enlarge)
Two cupolas were erected on the back deck and I put together a vegetable/wild flower garden.

Two ponds emerged from the ice and snow and the large one was huge! Koi of 20 inches had survived and they flowed through the schools of goldfish. I had to buy and install new pumps and deal with the water that had been dormant over the long winter.

Each day I have something new to deal with at the house -my list is beyond 76 items to do at this time.

And so, no art work for me, although Mannie goes into the studio each day and works at something for our kids or for our new home.

We are enjoying our new life in this small hamlet, and the ideas for art pieces are popping up all around us.


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