And the Packing Just Goes On and On and On...

Now that we have sold the old homestead, we must pack -despite no house to go to.
And packing is what we are doing. Each room in the house is a disaster.

My studio is piled high with boxes -even the books are now packed.

The hallways are lined with empty boxes awaiting filling.
Even the kitchen table can no longer be seen amidst the debris.

The dining room, although appearing rather neat, is strewn with tissue paper and the walls are lined with filled boxes of china and crystal.
Even the living room has not escaped the willful hand of the "packer."

Packing now consumes our time -or getting boxes to fill. To date I have obtained in excess of 200 boxes. Most are filled with the 1000 + books, and collectibles and china and crystal, and... There seems to be no end in sight.

And we haven't even started to pack Mannie's embroidery materials and fabrics!!!!

So, no time for art or crafts or a life; we're packing, packing, packing.


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