Now It's Crazy Quilting

My wife is now trying her hand at crazy quilting -sometimes known as Victorian quilting- whereby you can embellish one's quilt squares with just about anything. What a delight for my wife! While at the cottage she continued to work upon her quilting square.She had hand dyed and stenciled or stamped the material she is using here to create the square.

I did not know there were "rules" for crazy quilting, but apparently there are. The rules pertain to the "arrangement" of the parts of the square. Go figure!! Can you see the pattern of the parts?
Note the hand dyed material.
Then each part of the square is embellished.

Here with a stenciled or stamped image.Here with dyed and gilded lace.Here with an embroidery stitch, applique and button embellishment.And, what is work of art by my wife without buttons or beads or both?

In another light most of the parts of the square have been worked. Note embroidered round mirrors, the lace, buttons made into flowers, and so on. The whole look is one of delicacy, lightness and airiness.At this point the square is incomplete. Maybe you will see the finished item next time.


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