Space and Time for Art

'Tis been a while since I've last been on. After our work on the last home renovation we came back to do work around the house that has been waiting to be done and now must be done. I have a two page, double column list of to dos. And so. once again art work takes a back seat. In the meantime my wife is working on yet another set of curtains -one in a long line of curtains to be done.
Like many artists all areas of the home become commandeered for service when art is to be served. Here the dining room is being used as the table is large and can accommodate the widths and lengths of cloth required to make a set of curtains.

We need a studio space big enough for the home decor work as well as for all the projects that we have waiting -(I have 10 chairs ready to be burnt and painted, never mind the tables, trays and wall art pieces).
Don't all artists wish for space -and time?


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