the Angst of Man -a new pyrographic/acrylic paint series by Peter Marshall

I have begun a new pyro/acrylic series  -finally.  But, I have had difficulty getting down to work as the snow has been fierce here this winter and especially so in January.  I seem to live only for snow blowing and feeding the multitude of birds that feast in the backyard.  I even had to buy an electric snowblower to blow the snow to get to the gas powered snow blower in the workshop.  Good grief!

Each of the panels was cut from a $' x 8' 1/4" panel.  Each is 24" x 16" unsupported panel -keeps costs down.

Id seeking Ego

Belonging -Somewhere

She loves me, she loves me not, she...

the Art of War

Waiting for Godot

Two Pennies for your Thoughts 
I'll continue over the next while redoing the pencil lines tip I get them where I want to. Then the burning.


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