a long, long time ago...

Tis been a while since we've posted.
Tis been busy  -with life in general and art shows in particular.

Mannie and I have been busy.
We spent February to June with putting on a Student Art Show for art students from the high schools in the Headwaters region.  We acted for the Headwaters Arts organization in cooperation with the Dufferin County Museum and Archives. The show was on May and June. In September we had to prepare a poster regarding the event and the scholarship program for the Headwaters Arts Festival gala evening at the Juried Art Show and Sale.

We continue to work on the Headwaters Arts Festival Committee that held this Art Show and Sale.

As well we helped with the organization of a Village Arts Experience with the Riverbend Artists of Grand Valley in Grand Valley and our own open studio as part of that event.  Both these events were part of the Headwaters Arts Festival.

Mannie also taught lessons as part of the Cultural Days activities in Orangeville and Grand Valley.

 Then we had to get our work ready to send in as we had been accepted in the Wellington Artists Gallery and Art Centre  Annual Art Show and Sale and the Creative Harvest juried Art Show and Sale at the DCMA.  All  for September, October, November into December.

Next on the list is a display of our work for the Orangeville Arts Group Annual show and Sale

Our Riverbend Artists had joined forces with the village Horticultural Society 's annual garden tour in July to display our art work amongst the flora. And we had other requests to participate in shows -and Mannie and I  did exhibit in the "Art in the Street" in another town.

With all that has been going on we have had a time getting to the studio to produce more art work  -especially for me. (Mannie has no more art boxes as someone came to the studio and bought them all!)

Along with all the other life stuff the days are full and go by quickly.

Best wishes to all our fellow artists who are working hard at their work.


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